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          We manage 21 Centres in 9 cities across the UK, providing space to almost 1000 fantastic charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations.

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          NewsLiujiang Zhen

          Ninghe Zhen

          It was wonderful to see so many of our shareholders in Bristol at our EGM on the 19th November. This was an important opportunity for you to here about our plans, visit our latest centre the Streamline, as well vote on our proposed resolutions to raise more capital, improve liquidity, safeguard our mission and improve governance.


          She County

          Since 2002, Excellent has supported rural, dryland communities in 9 countries to build over 1,100 sand dams.


          Hainan Online

          We work with hundreds of national organisations targeting national policy and business change, and helped found the Eating Better alliance to champion ‘less and better’ meat and dairy.

          NewsLiang Qiu Xuelin

          Gaozhe Township

          Plan Vivo is a world-leading certification Standard on the Voluntary Carbon Market. We focus on supporting community-driven climate action and sustainable development projects.

          NewsCum friend

          Datong City

          Our organisation exists to campaign for climate and environmental justice. Climate change is already destroying communities across the world and it is those who have done the least to cause this crisis who are hit first and worst.

          NewsMacau Civil Administration

          Linxia City

          The team at Ethex and Energise Africa are passionate about speaking out and making our voices heard when it comes to climate action.

          NewsDengbei Pengyun

          Zu Weiyi

          Ethical Property staff and Board across the UK along with our sister organisations worldwide joined millions across the globe calling for action on climate change.

          NewsTaipusi Township, Abaga Township

          Guizhou government

          We’re in the middle of a crisis, a climate crisis, and since we have failed to take adequate action, young people are leading the way by organising a Global Climate Strike. We all have the chance to make a positive change by taking part.

          NewsSakdar plate

          Zhouzhi Township

          We are delighted that our centre in Bethnal Green, The Green House, has won the Architects Journal Retrofit Award for Offices 5000m² and over.

          NewsWangdetang District


          All my career, I have been a strong believer in the power of business to change the world for the better, and I have sought to live that dream by investing what I can of my own money into the UK’s leading social businesses.